Yahoo Pipes & Zapier are powerful online services for making pipeline of data, WP Pipes comes available to the WordPress community to bring such of powerful abilities to WordPress site, works right inside your WordPress site. You can create many Pipes, give your Pipes input and get output as your needs.

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Powerful Data Migration WordPress plugin: csv importing for Posts/WooCommerce, RSS Feed Creator, AutoBlogging, auto post to Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn.

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Please visit: http://wpbriz.com/forum/pipes/

Here are things you can do with WP Pipes (just like Yahoo Pipes):

  • Get Posts from WordPress Posts > Export as RSS Feed
  • Get Posts from WordPress Posts > Export as iTunes Podcast
  • Get Posts from WordPress Posts > Export as Google XML Sitemap
  • Get Documents from WordPress > Export to Google Drive
  • Get WooCommerce Products > Export as RSS Feed or Google XML Sitemap … It’s your plugin, freebie, we provide you a tools to make pipelines, just like Yahoo Pipes, do what ever you needs. This Yahoo Pipes style plugin will empower the WordPress CMS to a new high.


  • Requires PHP 5.3 or higher with JSON, cURL to work properly.
  • Create unlimited pipes.
  • Each Pipe will start by a SOURCE and finish by a DESTINATION.
  • There is PROCESSOR between SOURCE and DESTINATION to process your Pipe.
  • Builtin SOURCE: RSS, Post
  • Builtin DESTINATION: Post, RSS, Sitemap
  • Extra SOURCEs and DESTINATIONs will come up later.
  • There are number of PROCESSORS: slug, text cutter, keywords filter, metadata
  • Unlimited usage, there is no FREE or PRO version.
  • Smart schedule to execute pipes using cronjob.

AVAILABLE SOURCES (more will come up later):

  • RSS Reader: to read RSS Feed.
  • Post: to read Posts from WordPress.
  • CSV: to read CSV files (coming soon)
  • WooCommerce: to deal with WooCommerce products (coming soon)
  • bbPress: to deal with bbPress topics (coming soon)
  • Email: to read mailbox (coming soon)
  • Facebook: get (coming soon)
  • WordPress: deal with xmlrpc from WordPress (hosted or wordpress.com) (coming soon)

AVAILABLE DESTINATIONS (more will come up later):

  • RSS Creator: to create RSS Feed for WordPress.
  • Post: to create Posts for WordPress.
  • WooCommerce: to create products in WooCommerce plugin. (coming soon)
  • bbPress: to create topics in bbPress plugin. (coming soon)
  • Email: to send a new email to a mailbox. (coming soon)
  • WordPress.com: to create post on WordPress.com blog. (coming soon)
  • Blogger: to create blog post on Blogger. (coming soon)
  • Twitter: to create Twitter tweets. (coming soon)
  • Facebook: to create message on Facebook personal wall. (coming soon)
  • Facebook Page: to create message on Facebook Page. (coming soon)
  • Facebook Group: to create message on Facebook Group. (coming soon)
  • LinkedIn: to create message on LinkedIn personal wall. (coming soon)
  • LinkedIn Group: to create message on LinkedIn Group wall. (coming soon)
  • LinkedIn Company: to create message on LinkedIn Company wall. (coming soon)
  • Vkontakle: to create message on Vkontakle (VK). (coming soon)
  • Google Plus (Google+ or G+): to create message on Google+ / G+ / Google Plus. (comming soon)

AVAILABLE PROCESSORS (more will come up later):

  • Alias: create slug from text/title/subject.
  • Combine: combine fields together into one output field using shortcode. (new)
  • Duplicate: check and prevent duplicate data items from source, recommend to use right after alias.
  • Cut Introtext: cutting text into two parts.
  • Get Fulltext: getting fulltext from a link.
  • Get Images: get images from a link or html.
  • Keywords Filter: filter by keywords with AND, OR and NOT operators.
  • Strip Tags: strip html tags out of input html or text.
  • Change Time: adjust date/time.


  • Writing more Source Addons: WooCommerce Products, Easy Digital Downloads, bbPress; will add ability to WP Pipes to create RSS Feed for WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads or bbPress.
  • Writing more Destination Addons: Google Drive (to store document as Google Drive Docs),iTunes Podcast (to generate iTunes Podcast), Google XML Sitemap (to generate Google XML Sitemap).
  • Custom schedule for each Pipe instead of the whole Pipes.
  • Adding Pre-made / Template Fields Matching sets.