Links Finder Source 1.2 released with new CURL Level

By | April 22, 2014

In this new version 1.2 of Links Finder Source Addon, we have included a new CURL Level, to let our dear customers retrieve links from more sources.

Please click on the <<More Options>> tab and switch get CURL option to find one that works for content on the source you want to use for auto posting.

Go to More Options tab and switch CURL level to find one suitable for the source you want content for auto posting

As you could have already know, Links Finder Source is the magical Addon that gives so much power to a Pipes system. Because of its ability to collect content from any news pages, even it it’s a HTML one, a Pipes system empowered with Links Finder Source can auto post from any news portal, even without their RSS services.

If you are a Links Finder user already, please download it again to equip your Pipes with ability to fetch content from more and more sources for your auto posting.

If you are not, and there are some website with extremely interesting content you are dying to automatically re-post from, well, then what else are you waiting for?

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2 thoughts on “Links Finder Source 1.2 released with new CURL Level

  1. luke

    After reading this plugin’s introduction, still not understand, what you mean “even without their RSS services”.

    I assume this plugin is to get the information from a website, which even no RSS service, it still can get data from that website and get into pipes, am I right ?

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