1. I followed all the instructions, when I get to test the plug does not seem to work. Download only the first feed.

    What can I do.


    • Wordpress Breeze

      Hi Nicola, the 1.14 version will be available soon. Update to that version will resolve the problem.

  2. Hello,

    I get the article from the rss/feed, but the content contains links encoded (base64), how do I do to decode its by the plugin or in yahoo pipes? Thanks

    • Dear Koi,

      I am afraid that currently we don’t have support for encoded link yet. Probably it would be available in our future versions.

      Thank you for being interested in our product.

      Best regards.

    • Dear prince,

      I would gladly do it :”)
      But could we move to our forums: http://wpbriz.com/forums/forum/forum-pipes/

      It would be easier since we would have a place to upload pictures and file anyway.

      ============ Edit ============
      I’ve uploaded your fixed pipes to our forums at this thread: Pipe for dampress.net
      Please go there to download the pipe so that you can grab images from your Feed :”)

      You can also post other questions there if you have any difficulty in using our products.

      With best regards,
      Nga Do.

  3. manos

    Hello, great plugin!

    Is it possible to download the images in the local upload folder in order images at post do not depend from the source site?


    • Dear manos,

      Thank you for using our plugin :”)
      And I’m sorry but can you explain more clearly about what you want obGrabber to do with the images?

      If you mean saving images in posts from the source to your local server, then yes, obGrabber can do it with ‘Get To local’ option in Get Images processor :”)

      With best regards.

  4. nusrat

    Is it possible to retrieve news from other news portal website to mine news portal website matching news category using Wp Pipes???Please give me your valuable suggestion asap.

    • Dear nusrat,

      Yes, you can extract content any news portal website even without their RSS Feed with our Links Finder source. Please visit this page to understand how it works: http://wpbriz.com/auto-posting-links-finder-processor-user-guide/

      And Pipes also allows you to select a Category for the automatically generated posts.

      If you want Pipes to place posts that it creates into categories similar to ones in your source automatically, we can also provide solution for it through customized add-ons with reasonable pricing too :”)

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